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Behind the Door Extended Edition

An Interview with CM Peters

Good Morning Roomies… Did you find what you were looking for? If not you’ve stopped in the right place to learn about our next author!

This week we had a chance to sit down and chat with author CM Peters, about our lusty new episode- So plug in your headphones, and tune into this week’s story ‘The Prey.’

GR: Welcome to The Grey Rooms CM, you are another one of our new authors this season! Fresh blood, and fresh horror in the hallways around here.  We’d love to get to know more about you– How long have you been writing? 

CMP: I would say since high school. I started in French class for extra credit but continued because I enjoyed it. I took a break after college and took it up again about six years ago to pass time during a convalescence. I haven’t stopped since.

GR: I don’t think we’ve had a ‘French lesson’ inspired horror yet- I’m curious what it was about that class that got you interested in writing-?

CMP: My French teacher. She got us to write a fantasy story for a better grade and I was hooked. But no, I’ve not always written horror. I’ve only written a few shorts with that mindset.

GR: Well we’re glad you’ve wandered in that direction- I think ‘The Prey’ is a stellar episode to dip your toes into a dark unexpected side of horror. 

CMP: I like subtlety when there are twists and turns unforeseen that leave you breathless and with your heart racing. 

GR: I think the lusty unexpected tones from this story really play into that side of leaving you breathless.

CMP: Your right, a little less into the gore than a lot of the stories that roll through.

GR: I’m sure Jason will figure out how to put a squishy noise into it somehow- lHow do your story ideas come to you? 

CMP: From anything and anyone. Sometimes, it’s from something I watch, something I read. I let things simmer and if characters come to me, there’s a story!

GR: You have a really interesting cast of characters in this story- what is it like hearing  these characters come to life in a podcast episode? 

CMP: I was incredibly proud and happy!  The  actors did such a stellar job bringing  each of these characters to life! And I would say to any author who is interested in this format- Do it! The rendering of stories are incredible to hear.

GR: Well thank you CM! I know we have a lot of fun working on each story and really bringing them to life. What projects are you working on now?  Any other fun new stories you are bringing to life?

CMP: I published a two-book series in March and am now working on a fantasy novel but I’m barely in the beginning of it. I’m also taking online courses in Wicca and Druidism.

GR: The magical aspects that can play into that could make for a lot of fun twists with new characters! Thank you again for sitting down with us today- I will be eagerly be keeping an eye out for more stories (and hopefully you’ll keep sending a few our way!)


CM Peters

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