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Behind the Door Extended Edition

An Interview with Arthur Unk

Happy New Years Roomies! As 2020 comes to a close, we’re hoping the clock that counts down to 2021 doesn’t just tick down the seconds to December 32nd… but then again, thats the kind of torture the rooms provides.  (As far as torture from the rooms goes, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the apocalypse saves itself for another day and hope that Todd keeps his clothes on at the NYE party.)

Speaking of the apocalypse, you’re in for a wild ride with this week’s episode! Put on your favorite classic station, buckle in and get ready for the next story Roomies, as we chat with the author of “The Ride”, Arthur Unk. 

GR: Hey Arthur, welcome back to the rooms. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you walking these haunted halls. Your last story with us was in Season 1 with ‘Ice Station Bravo’. What got you into writing?

AU: I finally realized that you have to pursue a dream if you want it to become a reality. I have published literary fiction, poetry, run a weekly hashtag game on Twitter (#IWrite2Music), and I manage the hosts for #vss365 writing group.

GR: It’s true when they say, if you’re willing to put in the work and the time then dreams can happen. I know you’ve been really active on our discord, and are always open to talking with new authors- is that the kind of advice you’d give them?

AU:I’d add, have someone you trust read your work. My son, who is 13, gives me the best and harshest advice.

GR: Kids are really great about that, speaking the truth and being straight forward about if they like what they are reading.

AU:  Also, If it doesn’t move the plot forward, cut it from the story. Write who you are until you find your confidence / success to write other things.

GR: You have put those principles to practice and have had quite a few successes as a writer, has it been different listening to your story in an audio format versus just seeing your story published traditionally? 

AU: My season 1 story, Ice Station Bravo, was a dream come true. Everything was like a birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. I appreciate everything. From the moment when the main character speaks, to JM’s score, and the pre-story always helps add the right amount of tension.

GR: Michael does a really great job of adding the right amount of tension that ties in will into each of the authors stories in each episode. I know ‘The Ride’ has that same great “keep you on the edge of your seat” tension. Speaking of- How did the idea for ‘The Ride’ come to you? 

AU: Real life experience. I used to drive semis and took many trips through the New Mexico / Arizona deserts.

GR: I can picture you know singing along with the radio on those long rides, just like the main character does. 

AU: Yep. Real life experience can be the best research. Gives you a lot of time, and open road, to think- I also have a talent for turning intrusive thoughts into stories.

GR: Wild intrusive thoughts can lead to the best kinds of horror in my humble opinion. What is your favorite kind of horror story?

AU: My favorite horror is Lovecraftian/Eldridtch horror. Anything where the bad guy wins in the end is alright with me.

GR: We will never turn down a story where the bad guy wins lol. What projects are you working on now? 

AU: I am currently writing a novella series called Prophets of Flame. It’s a Supernatural/Action story that includes elements of horror and fantasy. I also have plans on revamping my author website (arthurunk.com) to include flash fiction, poetry, drabbles, and writing updates.

GR: That sounds horrifying in the best way, I can’t wait to read it. Thank you again Arthur for taking the time to sit down and chat with us, I know if fans are interested they can always join our Discord channel and join in on your live voice sessions, ask questions and pick your brain.

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