Season 3 Ep

A Bad Harvest

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CHAPTER 1 – Thesis: E3 “The Old Attendant”

Beckett continues to test his limits in The Grey Rooms. And with the return of an individual who knows the Rooms like the back of his hand, Beckett is going to learn to fall in line…

Written by Michael Zenke

Beckett performed by Eddie Cooper

Bob performed by Graham Rowat




A farm situated far from the city seemed to be a good investment in the beginning. Until the cursed bad luck began. When the crops miraculously begin growing again, it’s not just corn that is produced. This farmer will have to reckon with his decisions made before the seeds were planted…

Written by Mark Towse

Narrator / Liz performed by Jennifer Roszell

Jack performed by Alistair Mackey




• Death of children

• Gore


And now you know the secrets on how to grow human stock. What a delightful educational program we have here! HGTV is currently in talks to produce at least 9 seasons with us…

And come back next Wednesday, December 16th, for our companion Behind the Door episode, when we discuss the compost, topsoil, and fertilizer used in growing “A Bad Harvest” to its hideous heights…

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We’ll see you next Friday, December 18th, for Episode 4, same Grey time, same Grey channel.

– The Grey Rooms Team



Jason Wilson – Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

JM Scherf – Musical Composition, Performance

Michael Zenke – Season Narrative, Writer, Editor

Graham Rowat – Associate Producer, Social Media, Actor

Cassie Pertiet – Episode Artwork, Web Design, Merch, Creative Direction

Brooks Bigley – Social Media, Patreon, Show Notes, Behind the Door Host/Producer

Hail Scherf – Videography Director



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