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Samantha is finally confronted by her worst enemy: herself. She hones her newfound skills as Jake Stone appears and makes a last effort to bring her out of The Grey Rooms. Bob is listening to his tapes again. Todd can’t wait to press the up button. 

Samantha can pick from two rooms: The first room is inside a research center. The other one is aboard a luxury cruise. Sam already did the boat thing, so science it is…

Written by Michael Zenke

Samantha performed by Sarah Thomas

Todd performed by Alistair Mackey

Jake Stone performed by Mark Whitten

Bob performed by Graham Rowat



Experimentation is needed to advance progress, but at what cost? To avoid a certain doom, one man is tasked with finding the ultimate solution, and it will cost him everything.

Sometimes, a second chance is not a good thing. Get out while you still can. 

Written by Paul Sheppard

Narrator performed by EK Dagenfield

Dr. Thalia Ferro performed by Margaret Ashley

Kara performed by Crissy Wilson

Nalia performed by Erin Lillis

Moses performed by Patrick Mealey



Season 2 Narrative: Brian Black / Michael Zenke

Audio Engineering/Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Associate Producer/Social Media: Graham Rowat

Episode Artist/Web Design: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media/Patreon: Brooks Bigley

Videography: Hail Scherf


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And come back next Friday, June 12th, for our companion Behind the Door episode. Once the injection takes hold and the blood recirculates, you can prop yourself at the roundtable as Jason and Brooks discuss “Escape” with author Paul Sheppard.

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