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Everything Ends

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The Grey Rooms Presents: Episode 13 – Everything Ends

 (Psst…makes sure you stay passed the credits for a post-credit scene when you listen to the show)


Having regained the despicable portions of his past, Raymond is forced into the most uncomfortable and terrifying door of all.  Time is short.  The horrors he shall face are personal.  Is there anyone who can help him now?  Is there anyone that he can trust?

Or was Bob’s foreboding name for our final chapter the truth? For Raymond Alexander Greene, this really could be where “Everything Ends.”


Written by: Brian Black

(He’s really nervous right now)

Engineered by: Jason Wilson

(He’s glad it’s done right now)

Music by: JM Scherf

(He hopes he has more time for next season’s finale right now)


Voiced by:

Raymond – Jason Wilson

Bob – Graham Rowat

The Prison Warden – Warren Richardson

Father Tucker – Justinthulu

Officer Giving Blindfold – David Cummings

Lucy – Christina Wilson

Raymond / Lucy’s Son – Jason Wilson Jr.

Man Bumped Into – David O’Steele

Seated Woman – Charlotte Norup

Seated Woman w/ Coffee – Victoria Juan

Girl in Princess Dress – Erin Lillis

Teddy – Sarah Ruth Thomas

Elderly Store Owner – Margaret Ashley

Reckless Driver – Alistair Mackey

Young Man w/ Hockey Jersey – Patrick Mealey

Middle Aged Woman – Holly Lindin

Indian Man – Michael Rigg

Randall Wolfe – Brian Black

Townsfolk –

Michael Rigg

Erin Lillis

Michelle Black

Bo Chappell

Erin King

Augie Peterson

Gabe Templin

Lindsey Kelly


(So pretty much everyone who has ever existed)


Episode Artwork by – Cassie Pertiet

(Isn’t this episode art gorgeous?)

Social Media Artwork by – Brooks Bigley &  Graham Rowat

(These guys have done such a great job setting up the hype for our episodes, haven’t they?)


Thank you all so much for listening to our season finale.  It has been both a wonderful experience, and privilege as we meticulously designed each and every episode for you.

We couldn’t have done it without all of the wonderful authors that took a chance with us.  We told them our big ideas, and some of them probably didn’t quite understand what we were going on about, but they entrusted us to do their stories right.  We’re proud of your stories and we hope that you’re proud of our efforts to dramatize them as well. 

We couldn’t have it without the wonderful voice talent that has brought the characters in these stories to life.  From parachute instructors to Teddy Bears,  from English soldiers to Russian priests, we have found such a wide variety of wonderful people to draw out the emotions of each story.  We are so happy that you chose to work with us, and make our show stand out.  We hope that this experience has brought you as much enjoyment as your work has for us. 

We couldn’t have done it without the music.  JM Scherf crafted our theme song, and then he started crafting the music for some of our episodes.  It’s music that we have constantly heard stands out.  Thank you so much for dedicating the time and effort to composing the music for us, JM.  Especially the music required for the finale.  It’s fantastic. 

We couldn’t have done it without our Behind the Door hosts. It started out with Graham Rowat and Brooks Bigley and went on to include people like Sarah Werner, Jon Grilz, Toni Miller, Bo Chappell, Augie Peterson, Dustin Schyler Yoak, Jesse Dedman, and Michael Rigg.  You all took a strange idea to have guest hosts interview everyone for a behind the scenes look of the show, and you knocked it out of the park.  Thank you for all of the wonderful conversations and topics that we were able to enjoy with your help. 

We wouldn’t have done it without our amazing artists.  We started out with Mediogre producing some of the early art and soon there was Cassie Pertiet coming up to the plate with her distinct vision of each anthology story.  Soon Brooks Bigley and Graham Rowat jumped into the mix and started crafting all of the ads on social media.  These are all such a wonderful and talented team of artists.  We hope that we have provided you a great challenge, and while it took us awhile to get the art to show up, we’re so happy that you have given the audience such terrifying and wonderful candies for the eye. 

We wouldn’t have been able to do anything without our patrons.  We’re handing you out keys, stickers, early access, and bonus episodes, but you are giving us so much more.  We’re in your debt and everything from the Libsyn hosting, website, sound effects…it’s happening because of your generous support.

And finally we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you listeners.  You jump in every week and download our episodes and tell us how much you enjoy them.  You like our social media posts and tweets.  You recommend us constantly to other listeners looking for something new.  We love you.  All of you.  And we think about you all the time when we’re considering things like new stories and whether or not we need to include disclaimers.  We really, really hope that you enjoyed this finale.  We did this for you.  And we’re going to continue to do it for you.  Whether you are an author, an actor, a composer, an artist, a host, a patron, a listener, or even The Warden, at the end of the day, we want to tell a great story that is going to fulfill that urge to figure out what is going on.  We know the stories are dark and tragic.  We know that they can be incredibly gory or play on your phobias.  But…

We do this to you out of love. 

So please subscribe if you haven’t already.  Please tell the world about us.  Please continue to tell us how you feel about the show, and what sort of changes or suggestions you have for us.  We want to continue to grow and get better.  Help us to be better.  And, I feel like I haven’t said this in awhile, help us to scare your pants off! 



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