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Dismal Dirge - Passage

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You lay in bed trying desperately to fall back asleep. You hear the faint kick and roll of a drum and a click-clacking rhythm that instantly hypnotizes you. Your worst nightmares are about to get cozy in your head. Who needs sleep anyway?

And you can stop counting sheep. Those shadows dancing along the walls belong to something else entirely. Welcome to a sneak peek instrumental installment of The Dismal Dirge of JM Scherf.

This musical track is entitled “Passage” and comes to us from S2BONUS1 “The Rivers”. JM Scherf dons a robe and grabs the rudder with a bony hand as he steers the boat into oblivion. Some people will do anything to change habits or reach success. One man will cross time and space to change his own history. Make sure you bring correct change for the fare.

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Artwork: Brooks Bigley


All music for The Grey Rooms is composed and orchestrated byJMScherf

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You just heard previously unreleased material available only to our patrons. Enjoy! The gift-giving continues as The Warden cleans out the basement and shares his bounty.  

Every two weeks, JM Scherf releases a new instrumental inspired by the musical score of the current episode. The financial donations of our patrons allow us to share creations like this. The crew behind The Grey Rooms Podcast love this project with a fierce passion, and we’re awake at all hours of the night, plotting how to unsettle you and bring a unique twist to the audio drama world.

– The Grey Rooms Team



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