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Behind the Door- Jailbird

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Behind the Door – Season 2 – Jailbird


Thank you so much for taking the time out to join us in our new season of Behind the Door.  These are episodes where we take a behind the scenes look into our stories.  We’ll be interviewing the author of “Jailbird,” Bo Chappell.  Also with us will be Graham Rowat, voice actor for the main character, Cole Amsel, and also the extremely important “Bank Manager.”

We’re working on making these Behind the Doors a lot shorter, higher quality, and give it more audio production. In other words, we’ve listened to the feelings that many of you have had. So as we continue growing with our ideas, please have a listen and tell us how we’re doing.

Whether it’s from a writing, voice acting, or podcast creating perspective (or all three), we think that these episodes will be very helpful.  And if you’re neither? Well if you enjoy our show you’ll hear more from the people in it talking about how it all came to fruition.

So welcome to Season 2 of…Behind the Door.