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Behind the Door – Season 2 Episode 11 – Everyone’s a Critic

“It was only my journalistic ethics that kept me from telling him to go fuck himself and leaving right there and then…”

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Door, where we take a behind the scenes look into our story and chat with the author and actor who made it happen.

In this episode we are interviewing with Lachlan Watt, the expressive author of S2E11 “Everyone’s a Critic“. Also joining us is Kelly Nienaltowski, the actor playing the character of Miss Thomson. Join us in the lobby for hors d’oeuvres and opinions.


Lachlan Watt – Author

Kelly Nienaltowski – Actor

Jason Wilson – Executive Producer

Brooks Bigley – Host

Artwork by Cassie Pertiet



For more information on Lachlan Watt, follow him on Twitter at @LachlanJWatt

Lachlan Watt first joined The Grey Rooms with his sci-fi/horror story “Fix Me”, a patron bonus episode from season 1 that was made available to listeners for free here, or just search for it in our podcast feed.

Lachlan is a writer and sometimes musician from Adelaide, South Australia. His fiction has been featured in Aphotic Realm magazine and elsewhere. He wrote a chapter of “He Has Stayed Too Long”, the upcoming group novel edited by Don Gillette.

When he’s not writing, Lachlan can be found enjoying a pint of stout at his local, or playing guitar in various scuzzy punk bands.



For more information on Kelly Nienaltowski, visit her website at, follow her on Twitter at @KellyLynnNino, or like her Actor page on Facebook.

Kelly Nienaltowski recently wrote, produced, and starred in a short movie called Cupcake. A woman orders a decadent dessert only to find out the treat comes with more than just a thick layer of frosting… Also starring Mark Whitten in the flesh, better known as the voice behind Jake Stone from our season 2 narrative.

Kelly knew from an early age that she wanted to act, so finding a career in the industry came natural. Peruse her IMDB filmography for more evidence. She loves a good mystery story and her Netflix list is full of spy thrillers, criminal capers, or anything depicting characters both flawed and beautiful. Comedy is also the best medicine.

When she’s not busy critiquing the artwork made by a madman, Kelly can be found watching The Dick Van Dyke Showand even has several episodes memorized.



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