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Behind the Door – Season 3 Episode 10 – All for Me

“All these nice, gentle people that had come to see me now looked like the devil’s own, waiting to tear this poor old woman to bits. It terrified me, and I tried to hobble faster. Faces went by in a blur, obscured by the creeping darkness and the masks the shadows created.”

Welcome to the tenth episode of the season for Behind the Door, where we discuss the themes underpinning the writing in last week’s story, and have a behind the scenes chat with the author who made it happen.

In this episode we are interviewing with Dave Lasota, the mystical author who revealed the ugly celebration behind “All for Me“. You are only as good as your last miracle…


Dave Lasota – Author

Brooks Bigley – Host

The Accused” (Music from All for Me) by JM Scherf

Artwork by Cassie Pertiet

For more information on Dave Lasota, check out our Behind the Door Extended Edition interview in which he describes the perfect way to get that first sentence written down.

You can also find Dave Lasota on



Jason Wilson – Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

JM Scherf – Musical Composition, Performance

Michael Zenke – Season Narrative, Writer, Editor

Graham Rowat – Associate Producer, Social Media, Actor

Cassie Pertiet – Episode Artwork, Web Design, Merch, Creative Direction

Brooks Bigley – Social Media, Patreon, Show Notes, Behind the Door Host/Producer

Hail Scherf – Videography Director



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