What Are The Grey Rooms?

“You wake on a hard, cold floor. It’s so cold your skin burns beneath your clothes. The air smells of sulfur and ash. Your head throbs and your mouth is dry. You have no idea how you got here. Even worse, how you’ll get out…

Panic sets in. Fear begins to swell in you. Soon that fear assumes the form of terror…

What have you done? What brought you to this place?”




Welcome to The Grey Rooms Podcast.   It started as a dream that disturbed Grey Room’s creator Jason Wilson eight years ago.  Now that nightmare has become a reality that he wishes to share with you.

It’s about a man named Raymond.  He wakes up in The Grey Rooms in the way that was described above.  He discovers that he must choose a door that will lead to either his salvation or his eternal demise.  When he chooses a door he finds himself as a helpless passenger within the events of that episode’s story.

The Grey Rooms is an anthology series with a variety of authors contributing their talents to the series.  The stories themselves are horror stories in different settings and with different characters. Each door that Raymond chooses will cause him to suffer the same injustices, torments, and even deaths that the characters endure throughout the tale.  Why is this happening to him?  Is there an escape?

You will have to listen to The Grey Rooms Podcast to find out.