Submission Guidelines


Let’s just let you know the details.

  1. The deadline for submissions ends on March 1st
  2. Stories must be written in first person, past tense.
  3. Stories must end with the death of the main character.  This death can be implied or directly within the narrative.
  4. Stories need to be at least 3.5k words.  Maybe a little shorter.  Maybe a little longer. We’ll go up to 4k.
  5. Stories must be sent to us in a .doc or .docx format.  You’d be surprised how many people would send us their stories in the body of an email.
  6. Your story must be original.  We’d prefer it not to have been published previously on your website, in a book or magazine, another podcast, YouTube, etc.
  7. Do not include anything about The Grey Rooms or its characters in the stories.  Just write your own tale.
  8. Must be horror, but different subgenres are okay.  If you want to write fantasy horror, post apocalyptic horror, My Little Pony horror (do not do this), go for it.

There are some fine print things that people have been asking about.  Hopefully you can find the answers to these questions here:

  • The Author retains full rights of all submissions.
  •  By submitting their work for consideration  the Author grants permission to The Grey Rooms Podcast to have full rights to use, produce, and distribute authors original works royalty free.
  • In the event that a submission is selected for use by The Grey Rooms Podcast, the Author’s rights are temporarily transferred to The Grey Rooms podcast – not to exceed 6 months after the date the material is broadcast to the public.
  • The initial date of The Grey Rooms Podcast and Author’s agreement of use of materials, commences temporary transfer of rights of use to The Grey Rooms Podcast.
  • The final produced works are the sole property of The Grey Rooms Podcast. No duplication, reproduction, solicitation, broadcast, distribution or use is permitted without written consent from The Grey Rooms Podcast.

Keep in mind that currently The Grey Rooms Podcast is not a paying market.  One day we will be, but currently we are releasing the beginning of our first season and are not generated enough funds to be able to do this.  If this changes we will gladly let you all know.  If you only wish to participate in submitting your work to a paying market, perhaps one day you will be able to see us as someone you would like to send your story to.  Until then we hope that you continue to enjoy our show!

For questions and submissions please direct your inquiries to Submissions @ The Grey Rooms