Wrapping Up the Season

We didn’t forget our own website, although we kind of did. But the important part is that we’re getting ready for the season finale and you can find out about it here!

Wow…we were really really bad with posting on this website.  Looking at our last post, we were extremely excited to release our first fully featured episode to the world! 

Now we’re talking about releasing our season finale.  

Well stick around for THIS Friday because we’ll be releasing our Raymond and Bob compilation. 

We want the events that happened from November to now to be fresh on your mind when we release the season finale on Friday, May 24th.   

Excited? You should be.  The finale is over 2 hours long.  Two hours of voice acting, two hours of story, two hours of fully scored music from J.M. Scherf.  It’s going to be absolutely fantastic.  You’re definitely not going to want to miss it.


Did you know that our first ever production, Mike Lee’s “Falling,” was released on May 25th, 2018?  That was the first of our promo episodes that we did to wet the appetite of what was to come on November 30th. 

Well here we are…May 2019…and wouldn’t you know that our 13th episode and season finale, Everything Ends, is going to release on the 24th.  Strange how it all just becomes one cool coincidence. We swear we didn’t plan it.  

So there you go…

Friday, May 17th – Raymond Compilation

Friday, May 24th – Episode 13 “Everything Ends” 

Thank you so much for your support!  And…yeah, we’ll try to use this website more. 




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