Season 2 – Submissions are open!

So you fancy yourself a writer, do you? 

I don’t really care what you like to call yourself in the mirror.  I’m not the one having to read your stories.  That’s beneath me.   I’m like…the highest peak of Mt. Everest and you’re…well you’re some disgusting little bug crawling around at the base of my magnificence.  Get it? Good.  Know your place. That’ll get  you far.

Of course we still need future roommakers for all of the wonderful torment we give our victims. Hmm…I suppose you’ll do.  I’m not getting my hopes up, but if you play your cards right and actually pay attention…


Okay! Okay!  Sorry everybody, I tried to intercept The Warden earlier, but he sent me off to get him a pumpkin spice latte.  Yeah, I didn’t know he was that kind of evil either.

So we had a really great group of writers turn in some quality stories for the last season, and we want to produce even more stories to knock people’s socks off.  In order to do that we’ve made a few changes to our rules and guidelines.  So I don’t want to waste your time (The Warden might come back) and I’ll just get right to it.


  1. All stories must be written in the 1st person and in the past tense.
  2. The main character must be killed off either directly in the story or implied by the end of it.
  3. We prefer the story to be 3500 words. We will allow up to 4000, but we will absolutely, positively ignore anything over 4000 words.  Remember that this is for a podcast.  We’ve learned just how much time it takes to record longer stories.
  4. Punch Brian Black in the face 
  5. Stories must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.  This means formats such as .doc and .docx. If you use a different word processor and for some reason cannot figure out how to save the file in the Microsoft Word format, please let us know.  DO NOT…and I repeat…DO NOT submit your story in the body of your email. It’s a terrible idea. It makes people’s eyes bleed.  Every time you do it The Warden kills a kitten.
  6. Send The Warden delicious kittens 
  7. REVISE YOUR STORY.  We might need to make some adjustments here and there for the podcast, but we are not your personal staff of editors.  Here’s a pro-tip.  Read your story aloud prior to submitting it to us.  Sentences or phrases that sound strange to you will probably sound strange to us as well.  Take care of those and send us the most podcast ready story you can muster.
  8. DO NOT insert The Grey Rooms into your story.  Do not include The Warden. Do not include any central characters.  Do not include anything related to the podcast in your story. The story you are writing should be stand alone.  Have fun with it.  Do your thing.  Make us soil our underwear in fear.
  9. Any genre works as long as the work is a horror story and follows the rest of the rules.  Our first season has a wide range of genres including historical and science fiction.  If you want to write a horror story about a British colonial who jumps into a cannon and is fired into the moon…go for it.
  10. That wasn’t a challenge for everyone to submit horror stories about a British colonial who jumps into a cannon and is fired into the moon.
  11. Please send us original stories.
  12. Please send your stories here.
  13. Submissions end on March 1st, 2019.


Okay! There you go! That should get you started with the story.  Hurray!  Now there is one thing that we also would like to go over with you, and that is what sort of rights we are asking for your story.  I’m going to be posting these in the “Guidelines” section as well, but for the moment allow me to post the sort of rights that we expect to have for your story when we choose to use it in Season 2:


  • The Author retains full rights of all submissions.
  •  By submitting their work for consideration  the Author grants permission to The Grey Rooms Podcast to have full rights to use, produce, and distribute authors original works royalty free.
  • In the event that a submission is selected for use by The Grey Rooms Podcast, the Author’s rights are temporarily transferred to The Grey Rooms podcast – not to exceed 6 months after the date the material is broadcast to the public.
  • The initial date of The Grey Rooms Podcast and Author’s agreement of use of materials, commences temporary transfer of rights of use to The Grey Rooms Podcast.
  • The final produced works are the sole property of The Grey Rooms Podcast. No duplication, reproduction, solicitation, broadcast, distribution or use is permitted without written consent from The Grey Rooms Podcast.

Any questions please feel free to email us at


Thank you! And good luck!

Author: The Warden

Despite the myriads of keys in my possession, the identities of the ones they belong to have been burned into my soul. Oh. I also like puggles.