The Doors Have Been Chosen


So…you’re back.  Well isn’t that just lovely.  Here I was thinking all of that inactivity was going to make you go away.  But no, you’re still here, looking for updates like the little Roomies you are.

Fandom.  That’s an interesting concept isn’t it?  Why we probably don’t even need to bother with the Grey Rooms. We’ll just make everyone famous.  Humanity will be extinguished in weeks!

Well you don’t care about all of that, I suppose.  You want to know who the winners of our contest are.  Champing at the bit so to speak.  Or maybe you are the winners and you just want somewhere to point to receive your obligatory five seconds of praise.  “Attaboy! Attagirl! Attaperson!” As if writers were actually people.

Well let’s hop to it then.  Let’s find out just what sorts of horrific tales of terror we’re going to add to our roster.

We received quite a few stories. I think a thousand in all.  We enjoyed most of them, but honestly any story that kills some whimpering simpleton is always a good time. We were looking for stories that fit out criteria (length, main character death, theme), and also stories that dared try to frighten us.

I’ll have you know that NOTHING in particular frightened me.  However our interns, Brian and Jason, were nearly pissing in their pants.  Actually I’m not even certain if Brian wears pants.  That’s…well that’s something frightening now that I think about it. I’m going to write that down for something awful in the future…

Hmm…oh right. The contest.  We’re not done discussing that yet?  Fine.

We have chosen two winners from the stories that we received.  One of these winners will have their story produced and released to the public on Friday, September 7th as our second promotional episode.  The other will have their story released to our patrons on Patreon shortly thereafter.  This story will then be released publicly in November, prior to the release of our first episode.

Confused yet? Good.

Now congratulations are in order.

Our first winner is a woman by the name of Candice Azalea Greene with her story “I Didn’t Have Arachnophobia, Exactly.”  The story is about a little girl that encounters a puppy that she sees in a storefront window.  Nothing bad will happen to her.  We suggest that you invite your young children to listen to this tale as it will teach them how to be responsible adults and NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN.

I used capital letters because I am lying.  IT’S NOT ABOUT SPIDERS.  Oh there I go again.  Silly me.  Jason didn’t like this story.  Poor, poor Jason.  What respectable adult is afraid of PUPPIES?

Please welcome Candice as part of The Grey Rooms family.  When it is her turn to choose a door, she will certainly deserve it.   Her story, as mentioned, will be available for all to hear on The Grey Rooms Podcast on Friday, September 7th, 2018.

Our second winner is a man named Bo Chappell with his story “Look-Alike.” The story is about SPIDERS.

Fine…it’s about something much worse than spiders. It’s about FANDOM. It’s about YOU.  You’re all the murderers in his story.  How do you feel about yourself now?  Good.  Remember that sound of all those keys jingling as I walked in our first promotional episode? Well just imagine how annoyed I am when I hear that.  You’re all a bunch of keys to me.

Right…the episode date will be announced to our Patreons very soon.  And you’ll all eventually be able to hear it mid-November.

We also have something else that is very wonderful to discuss with you.  We have chosen two other stories to be used in a special episode in February.  Yes, we’re such nice people.  Santa Claus doesn’t hold a candle to us.  BUT! We aren’t going to talk about that yet because for right now Bo and Candice want to be praised.

So praise them!

If you don’t like their story we’ll let you know where you can find them afterwards.

Yay for Bo. Yay for Candice.

Jason is afraid of spiders.

Have a nice day.


Author: The Warden

Despite the myriads of keys in my possession, the identities of the ones they belong to have been burned into my soul. Oh. I also like puggles.