The Doors Have Been Chosen

Thank you so much for picking Page 2.  The Warden is a nutcase and you really don’t need to hear from him.

Now let me tell you about the response that we had with the contest. We received 20 stories over the two month submission period.  When we were starting to collect Season One’s roster I was running around Twitter and Jason was running around Reddit, and we were begging people for stories.  We found a lot of great fiction and developed some really amazing relationships during that search in the darkest and dankest places of the Internet.

When we decided on running a contest we had no idea how many stories we would receive.  We had some tell us that they regretted not submitting a story when we originally asked them for one.  We had produced one promotional episode that people really seemed to enjoy.  Would people support our contest? Would they get excited about it?  The answer is yes. Yes they would. If we are receiving 20 tales over a period of two months with only one production and a couple trailers…how many more will we receive when we reopen submissions for Season 2 in October? How many more will we receive when people start to hear our actual Season 1 episodes?

This is going to be huge.  We know it. You know it. And we’re excited. We are so happy for the stories you sent us. We wouldn’t have a podcast without you. And we want to let you know that if we didn’t decide to go with your story this time, you are always welcome to submit something else to us when our submission period is open.  If you didn’t manage to get a story to us during Season 1, you will have the chance to get into Season 2 very soon.

Thank you all so very much.

And now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winners and new members of our Grey Rooms family circle!

The first winner is a woman named Candice Azalea Greene with her story, “I Didn’t Have Arachnophobia, Exactly.” Most of us don’t really get along with spiders.  A lot of people even joke about burning their house down with a flamethrower when they spot even the tiniest of tiny of our eight-legged friends.  If you’re one of them…this story is for you! You’ll be terrified! You’ll feel goosebumps and you’ll want to take a shower.  Of course if you’ve seen Arachnophobia, you’ll know that even showers aren’t safe from those little guys dropping down to get you.

Her story gave us the creeps.  We can’t wait for you to listen to it.  It will be available on The Grey Rooms Podcast on Friday, September 7th, 2018.  Please give Candice a round of applause for being our first winner and also let your friends and family know about her episode.  We’ve spoken to her and she is very excited about being a part of this.

Our second winner is a man by the name of Bo Chappell with his story, “Look-Alike.” Very recently there was a situation where fans forced an actress associated with a popular movie franchise out of social media with their mean-spirited bullying and threats.  It wasn’t the first and it wasn’t the last, but it was certainly a moment where we all wondered just how far fandom would go before it wrecked all of the good in the franchises that they supported.

Bo Chappell has an answer in the form of an incredibly dark and hilarious story about the evils of fandom.  We think you’ll be talking about his story for some time after you give it a listen.  Now his story is the first promotional patreon episode that we are doing.  They will be given an announcement as to the day this will be released.  The public will also be able to have a chance to listen to this some time after the patrons. It will be released to the public in mid-November just before the release of The Grey Rooms Episode 1 – The Great War.

Let’s give Candice and Bo a warm welcome into our group of Season 1 writers. This means a lot to them and their wish above all things is to both terrify and entertain you.  We know that you will love their work as much as we did.

There’s something else that we would like to bring up, or quite possibly tease.  There were two other stories that we really thought should be in the podcast.  We didn’t have any spot for them and so Jason decided to add a special episode in February 2019.  Placed between some of our scheduled episodes, this special will feature not one, but TWO episodes that will scare the pants off you.  We’re breaking all the rules with this one.

We’ll have more information on that soon.  For right now, we want to give all the attention on our two new stars.

Again I would like to thank everybody for their submissions.  If you haven’t had a chance to submit something for Season 1 please think about submitting something for Season 2. We’ll be opening submissions for Season 2 in October. It’s not that far away!

You are all really great and we can’t wait to hear your reactions September 7th with Candice’s “I Didn’t Have Arachnophobia, Exactly.”

Now…as much as I love gushing about the winners of the podcast, I’m going to have to go. The Warden is coming and if he sees me still here he’s going to set me on fire again.


Author: The Warden

Despite the myriads of keys in my possession, the identities of the ones they belong to have been burned into my soul. Oh. I also like puggles.