Welcome to The Grey Rooms!

Hello everyone.  I am The Warden.  You’ve probably heard of me by now.  If you haven’t…you will.  And by then you will be very sad.  Begging me to let you go.  “Somebody please save me!” Boohoo.  Sad face emoji.

We’re working on this website so it’ll probably change over time, but for right now this is what you have to work with.   Pretty soon you’ll be listening to our first promotional episode called “Falling.”  Won’t that be nice?


It won’t.  Not for Chance or Frank or Mike or whatever his name is these days.  And not for you when you step into his shoes and discover just what sort of terrible fate is about to befall him.

You can listen to it tomorrow at Midnight.  Central time.  Who even lives in central time?  Disgusting.  Anyway…by the time you wake up tomorrow you’ll probably be able to listen to it.  Hurray for you, I’m sure.

You should probably be cautioned that it will terrify you.  And you should be informed that when you die I will be there with a key to a story all your own.  You’ll hate it.  And your suffering will make me giggle like a school girl.

I’m going to take a bubble bath now.  Have fun typing up your WIP that nobody wants to read, or catch up on your shows that got cancelled because everybody hated them but you.   I wonder where I left those bath bombs…

Author: The Warden

Despite the myriads of keys in my possession, the identities of the ones they belong to have been burned into my soul. Oh. I also like puggles.