Room #1221 Falling

Hello again…

Do to some technical difficulties we were unable to have our promotional Grey Rooms episode available for listening on our website.  The person responsible for this was hanged, drawn, and quartered.  We’re very thorough here in The Grey Rooms.

You may now listen to our first stab into the podcasting world.

This story was written by the maniacal Mike Lee.

It was performed by the repugnant Graham Rowat and wrathful  Jason Wilson.

The story opens with nature. Peaceful and serene.  You’ll hear the birds.  You’ll hear the gentle breeze.  Nothing could possibly end such beautiful tranquility.

Except for…The Grey Rooms.

We do not have any sponsors, but I would like to suggest Depend.   These wonderful products have been providing hope and assistance to millions since 1984.  You will probably suffer some incontinence yourself due to how terrifying this story is.  And if that is the case, we understand.

I, The Warden, Carrier of Keys, Destroyer of Souls, Collector of Rare, and Bargain Priced Bath Bombs give you…”Falling.”

Author: The Warden

Despite the myriads of keys in my possession, the identities of the ones they belong to have been burned into my soul. Oh. I also like puggles.